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Discussion in 'Photography Beginners' Forum' started by jcfs, Nov 2, 2008.

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    Hello all, yay for my first post!

    In the past week, I've read numerous reviews and used the search function regarding Canon vs. Nikon.

    The conclusion was:
    1. Go out and try it out for yourself
    2. Pick based on the lenses that suit my need, as the body itself will get outdated (or better bodies will be out) in a matter of years.

    Well, I went out and tried out both Nikons and Canons and to be honest, I am indifferent between the two. So I want to make a decision based on conclusion #2.

    My needs are:
    1. I won't be shooting sport photography
    2. The most important is lenses for landscape
    3. Will be taking a lot of photos in low-light situations, so noise reduction is important
    4. All other categories are about equal

    So, based on the lenses, would you say Canon or Nikon?

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    If your on the fence on the lenses, then maybe you should be looking at bodies. As lenses will be with you longer than the cameras (most likely). For noise Nikon seems to be in the lead, but winning due to lower resolution on price similar models.

    The one nice thing about Nikon is you can use older lenses on new cameras. Of course with some limitations depending on which camera body you have.

    As for me I have both Canon and Nikon digitals. I just ordered a Nikon D300 for my second Nikon DSLR (UPS man currently has it hostage).

    Welcome to TPF.
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    The conventional wisdom has Canon telephotos as superior, and Nikon ultra-wides holding the edge. At the same time, Canon tends to have substantially better prices for professional lenses that are generally of equal quality.

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