Canon EF 70-300mm IS USM That Chatters When The Shutter Is Pressed Even If The IS is Off


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May 7, 2013
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Hello all,
Just picked up a Canon EF 70-300mm is usm lens with issues. Seems the previous owner dropped it and the lens has a hairline crack in the barrel. The manual and autofocus appear to have been spared, but it seems as though the stabilizer isn't functioning as it should. The lens chatters when I press the shutter button. If I press the shutter button a couple of times, the chatter stops and the camera takes a great photo. I guess the hairline crack can be filled in, but anyone have an idea what I can do about the chatter? The lens chatters even when it's in manual focus. If I look through the front of the lens, I can see movement in the center element which I understand is normal for this lens.


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I'm sure you're correct. Lens still functions the way it is, just have to press the shutter button a couple of times and the lens locks in place. A bit awkward, but it works. Thank you for your response.
Lens still shoots sharp photos, just feels a bit strange watching the lens jump up and down. You can see the flicker while looking through the viewfinder. Then it stops and the autofocus adjusts and once it focuses, the end result is a nice sharp photo. Glass on this lens is excellent, as are all the features that this lens offers. I do notice the internal lens move from side to side with minimal movement of the housing. Feels as though there's something loose inside. This lens has a slight bounce when you turn the camera on and off. It also bounces when in manual focus mode. But again, press the shutter button two or more times half way, and the lens locks as though there's nothing wrong. Seems as though something is slipping internally. Hoping to hear from from someone familiar with this issue.
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