Canon ef to eos r adapter


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Aug 16, 2020
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Anyone in addition to me find it a little annoying that Canon has a shortage of the ef to Eos R lens mount adapter just in time for the release of the R6? I knew I should have bought one when I ordered the camera. Now I bought a “renewed” adapter for twice the price that it would have cost me for a new one 6 weeks ago. It was that or a gray market adapter for an equally inflated price. I have a hard time believing that Canon didn’t see this coming and that this isn’t a ploy to force some additional sales of the very expensive rf lenses
Canon would never put profits above their customers' needs!
It’s predictable, I guess. And not that big a deal. It just seems petty.
The last time Canon introduced a new lens mount there was a massive amount of heartbreak and disgust. This is a much softer transition.
Any way to squeeze a buck I suppose.

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