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Jan 20, 2016
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Hello everyone,
A friend of mine once told me that Canon has an internal memory that allows you to save a few pictures without the need of an SD card. It would have been then possible to recover a dozen of photos stored inside once you insered an actual SD card .
As much as this seems highly unlikely, I wanted to know from you if you evere heard something like that.

Thanks in advance!
dSLRs don't have that.
Some lower end consumer cameras had/have it, it was common before, not so much lately.

You'd get an answer faster on google searching for the EXACT camera model that you're wondering about, since
that is what people will ask you here too - What camera? Just google it. Specs are very easy to find.
All cameras have some sort of internal memory, which is the buffer in continuous shooting or in video. The camera first saves the file internally, which is faster, and then writes it to the memory card you inserted.
That being said, I'm not sure photos are actually saved there if you forgot to insert a card. If they are, however, and there is a way to retrieve them, maybe connecting the camera to a computer via USB will grant you access to those files.
Well, some cameras have internal permanent memory (well, all have that, otherwise they couldnt store their status) and allow storing images there, yes.

Like my Ricoh GR Digital IV.

Or the Leica T, which actually IIRC had quite a lot of that.

Maybe also some DSLR, though personally I never noticed that.

But why would that be important ?

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