Canon Pixma Pro9000 II, spare print head, & CLI-8 ink!!!!


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Jan 18, 2011
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Well my old Canon Pixma9000 finally seems to have broken, it leaves black streaks on the pages, and I believe its due to the ink disposal system. I tried replacing the print head and did not correct the issue. Since the new ones were on sale with a good was a good excuse to upgrade. If any of the parts are useful to anyone, let me know.

CLI-8 Ink: $10 each, still shrink wrapped. Free shipping if you buy more than one.
- Black
- Red
- have more around, still looking

Canon Pixma9000 II print head, used once during trouble shooting. Bought new from Canon two weeks ago. Asking $40 obo.

Canon Pixma9000 II Printer parts. Used print head and a full set of partially used ink. $20
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