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May 1, 2008
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Canon Camera and Lens Price Comparisons -

Just came across this site and thought it would be worth sharing for our US members. A site that collects together the prices on various reputable webstores for Canon based camera gear. I can't personally vouch for every shop listed (so as always buyer beware and do some homework) but I see most of the commonly mentioned reliable names listed so I suspect its a genuine site and listing.
Interesting site, but on a few items I checked it does not list Calumet Photo, which is in most of the major cities here and usually matches or comes close to the B&H price.
For Canadians, I recommend the site that covers all the manufacturers and can save you some money.
And FYI, it's fairly common for photography retail stores to price match. So if I'm going to buy something locally, I check prices at other Canadian retailers, then just ask my local store to price match.
There is also a site the prices seem to good to be true so probably are. maybe worth researching if your in the market to buy

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