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Jun 11, 2007
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Ann Arbor, MI
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Hi Everyone...
I am having a huge problem with my camera....
I am trying to upload very important pictures onto my computer but when I connect it, the screen on the camera says "Busy" and then when I go to My Computer and click on Canon Rebel XTI, it says "get pictures off camera" and when you click that, it says that the camera is in use and cannot transfer files...I have never had this problem and don't know how to fix it. I have turned the computer off, and the camera is the same way it always is when I upload pictures. If anyone can help me really quick that would be great. I have a very important picture that needs to get edited for work tomorrow. Thanks everyone.
I would make sure that the camera has enough battery and everything is a normal. If it does not work, do your computer have a memory card/slot? if so you can just stick the memory card in there and upload them. those are my ideas
sounds like something is running in the background of the computer and is accessing the camera. Do you have a card reader? i'm guessing your using XP? hit ctrl alt delete and go into processes, take a look at whats running then plug in the camera and see if anything new pops open ,if something does click it and then click "end process" and try it.
Thank you guys so much...I did the ctrl alt delete and the only things that came up were AIM and my webbrowser....My battery was a little on the low side so I threw it on the charger...I hope it works. If you have any other ideas, they are welcome! hahah, Thanks again guys!
Are you running XP, Vista? Sometimes, more than likely, Windows has difficulty communicating with peripherals. Even though it recognizes it. Same happens with my P&S at work when it is directly hooked up to PC without a card reader. check for the latest updates and drivers. Furthermore, invest in a card reader. Much faster interface than a direct connect.
Use a card reader.....

Try rebooting, but a card reader is the best way to get past issues like this. Wal-mart is 24/7 and I'm sure they have them.

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