Canon RP "Full HD" Video Needs Full Frame Lenses

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    I won't go into the background of why I ended up checking into this matter, but this is what I found:

    Based on Manual version 2019-08-28
    - includes 1080p 24 fps video info

    Crop Lenses (APS-C) are not completely supported on the RP:

    - On the RP 1080P (Full HD) is NOT available when using EF-S (cropped sensor APS-C) lenses. The only modes available are UHD (aka 4K) and HD (720P) and 4K Time-Lapse.

    - On the other hand, ONLY 1.6x crop (APS-C) is used in UHD (4K) regardless of whether the lens is APS-C or Full Frame. This includes all RF and EF lenses as well as the EF-S lenses.

    - UHD (4K) only records at 24 fps. and Time-Lapse.

    Data Rates: (manual page 586)

    - UHD, aka 4K (24 fps) 869 MB/min (~ 115.9 Mbps)

    - FHD aka "1080" movie (24, 25 or 30 fps) 225 MB/min (~ 30.0 Mbps)

    Dual Pixel Autofocus:

    I did not find this in the manual, It was covered by Max Yuryev:

    "Dual-Pixel" autofocus is NOT used when recording 4K, no matter what lens is used. "Dual-Pixel" autofocus is used for Full-HD (1080p). [Dual Pixel might be used for HD (720p) -- I'm not currently sure.]

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    I have no idea what you just said:D:D

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