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Oct 8, 2007
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Hello everyone, some guy here in my town is selling the 420ex for $135.00, i tested yesterday, and it worked on my camera, it looked ok on the outside. He said the only thing not working is the slave feature,
(he assumes is the receiver), otherwise the flash worked ok.
We set it to slave and the channels and numbers lit, like a 1 or b 2.
He is a professional photographer and said he bought it in 2005.
He's selling it with the manual, pouch and the "legs"

What do you thing? should i go with it?

Should i ask for any type of warranty?

Thanx again
Unless you are purchasing from a store you normally won't get a warranty for used items....

* thats why used purchases from an individual tend to be cheaper...
- seller walks away from the item completely
- you get a deal
* thats why used purchases from a camera store tend to be more expensive...
- store provides service
- you return for more

simple as that. Garage sales don't offer warranties.

If the slave feature is not important to you.. I say why not... You might pay a little more for an ebay'd unit with slave operating.
ok, besides the warranty, technically speaking, that flash second handed , at that price from "2005" from a pro. photographer (and when i say pro , i mean it has been use a lot) will be worth it?
If it has been used A LOT... I personally would pass. If it is mildly used... I would go for it.

You can find other deals for this unit under $150-200. Better yet.. look for a used 550EX.
If it has been heavily used by a pro, I agree that at that price I would pass and look for something else.

well i got one borrowed , so i guess i'll get the 430 in a couple of days maybe

thanx for the replies
Just one more comment...

You should compare the features of the 430EX and the older 550EX. Given similar priced new 430EX and a mildly used 550EX, you might be happier with the 550EX.

Just something to consider.

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