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    Can someone advise me what to do?

    I recently bought a second hand Canon 430EZ Speedlite and im not happy with it.

    When i first got it, it was all shiny and looked in good condition with leatheretter pouch and instructions.

    First i put the batteries in carefully and the right way around, flicked the power switch and nothing.

    Same procedure again............ same result

    Same procedure again............ same result.

    Fourth time, same procedure. Put the flash down to look at the manaul (in case of stupidity) and when i was reading, it sprang into life and started charging.

    Its worked since. (only had it 4 days)

    Since it has started working though, it has never sounded right when charging.
    Istead of the gradual increase in frequency of the capacitor until you cant hear it any more, it does finally raise out of teh audible range but is jumping about eratically on its way up.

    Can anyone advise if this is cause for concern enough to return and get a refund?

    Is it just damp or something.

    Is this a sign of imminent death for the flash or one of its components?

    Does anyone know whats wrong with it?

    By the way, i have test fired the flash and it does work. Not had results back from the lab to check how accurately though.


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