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CW Jones

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Feb 26, 2009
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Hey just wondering if the XS does auto bracketing or if you have to manually set it to do it? I looked for info for a bit but couldn't really find it.
look it the menu. I think the third box thing is going to have AEB. At least thats how it is with my xsi
well if I had the XS I would look lol but I dont have it yet, I was just wondering, I kinda like the auto bracket
The XT has AEB, I would assume that the newer bodies would have it as well.
Look up "AEB" (Auto-Exposure Bracketing) in the index of your manual.
haha thanks, I appreciate it! Just trying to get all my info straight before I make a purchase
yeah, what's your budget? if you got $200 more, u should get the XSi. 2 more megapixels. or wait for may, when the ti1 (500D) comes out. it will be $799 for the body and $899 for the kit. it will also have HD video.
meh I don't need the video.. and as far as the 2 extra MP.... not really a big deal to me lol

I am hoping for it soon actually.. B-day isn't till June... BUT my father wants me to have it for the soccer tournament we go to in Cape Cod to be able to take some nice action shots and stuff... so hopefully he will spring some extra money my way lol

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