Canon's RAW processing software or Photoshop RAW?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by kkamin, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Forget the title of the post, I have a deeper question now regarding Adobe Camera Raw, if anyone knows.


    I am shooting with a Canon and have a picture style applied when I shoot (it is called 'standard' and applies a little bit of contrast to my images).

    1. Will this be applied to my Canon raw file (.CR2) when I open it in ACR?

    2. If so, can I remove that contrast added by the camera (meaning, does it just set the contrast slider at a specific point and can be zeroed out) or am I screwed and it is part of the image makeup?



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    1. No it won't. ACR and Lightroom do not understand the camera's proprietary conventions. Additionally ACR will also apply it's own "Adobe Standard" colour profile meaning the image will likely look very different in tone and colour to the canon software / jpegs from your camera. But this can all be tweaked to your taste, and then it's just a case of saving the settings as the default for importing new files. Takes a bit of effort but overly trivial and well worth it.

    2. Redundant. See above. RAW processors are customisable.

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