can't decide if it's good or bad, C&C plz


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Apr 7, 2009
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vizag, India
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hi i'm a beginner level photographer ....i don't know if this photo is any good so plz give me advice...throw some terms around...thank you

And for this is this a good frame?
I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve here, is there a reason you took them through a window/screen?
I'm sorry; neither of these work for me. In #1, the screen (whether real or PS overlay) is too distracting and blocks out too much of the actual image. #2 is too dark and seems to lack a main subject.
The second one -- no, nothing is really framed in that photo. The (window?) in the foreground is a big distracting blur.

A "frame" is usually some object which does "frame" the subject by surrounding part of the outside of the photo, and drawing attention inwards. This is distracting and steals the attention. An example of a good frame would be the classic tree branch over the top of a photo of a house -- real estate agents do this all the time. It should be something pleasant and not distracting.
sorry ..i should have mentioned this first...i was trying to come up for some photos for this post "view through your window".... the 2nd one is just random....thanks for the comments i was thinking more or less in the same lines... but for soem reason i thought the first one might be nice...may be because it's mine....:]

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