Can't find Sony/Minolta AF lens adapter for Nikon


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Apr 3, 2009
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I have two Minolta AF lenses (also suitable for the Sony Alpha) lying around, and I'd love to use them with my Nikon D70. However, I've been unable to find an adapter that will enable me to mount the AF lenses on my Nikon camera. I'm beginning to suspect that such an adapter may not exist at all.

Can someone help me find such an adapter, or perhaps explain to me why it doesn't exist? (I could imagine it's impossible to maintain infinite focus on Nikon cameras with adapters, or something along those lines.)
I think most adapters (if not all) are designed to use older manual focus lenses onto more modern cameras. On more modern lenses such as your Minolta AF lenses, I think there is too much electronics to make it worthwhile making such an adapter. That's probably why the adapter you are after probably does not exist (and you might also be right about infinity focusing).
It would be impossible to make a useful adapter to put Sony/Minolta AF lenses on a Nikon body because:

1. Any such adapter would either not allow infinity focus, or anything shy of closeup with any but the longest lenses, or would have to be a low power tele extender.

2. The Sony/Minolta lenses have no mechanical control of f/stop and their electronics are not compatable with Nikon's hybrid mechanical and electronic f/stop control.

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