Can't wait till summer! Butterfly House C&C


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Aug 29, 2008
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Great capture. Is it the Butterfly house in Chesterfield MO?
Yes it is, are you nearby?

I've actually made a few trips out there recently and love to "play" there with my camera. I think i get better photos of butterflies than i do of people which is kind of aggrevating! LOL
lovely, but i think the lower part of the image is too much in focus and distracting me from the butterfly.

I tend to agree. You could use some creative blurring is PS to take attention away from it.

I still like this picture.
i would make a duplicate layer on top, blur it, then greate a gradient mask to fade out the blur as it approaches the butterfly.

something like this...


i just duplicated the layer, blurred it 10 pixels, then used a layer mask with a super soft brush at 250 pixels, 10% flow and painted it until it looked right.
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Wow, gotta love that! It really does make it pop now & switches the focus. Thank you so much for your helpful tip! I went into my Photoshop 7 and followed along & learned something new today.

Photoshop seems like a never ending learning experience & I've only begun.

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