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Nov 22, 2015
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Hey everyone. Within a few days I will be submitting a few photos for collage apps and contests. I have always been told by my teacher that my photos should be either 11x14 or 12x15, but that seems too square (considering I mainly do landscapes). Would it be frowned upon by these groups if I expanded to a size such as 11x17?

I just don't know, so ANY advice here would be great.

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Not sure if it is too late to ask your teacher why use that aspect ratio. I always did a lot of 11x14 in the darkroom and got used to cropping some from the sides. When looking close-up at a portfolio I tend to like the 1.25 aspect ratio better, even things on A4 paper seem too wide to me.
Depends on your own choice, really. If you don't like the square looking aspect ratio, just go with the one that you like the most. I try to print as close to my original RAW as possible because otherwise I'd loose some of my composition.

Also if anyone frowns upon you for choosing another aspect ratio for your own prints.... well that's just sad for them, isn't it?
Look at the submission guidelines for each. I'm not sure what different groups you're talking about but chances are the guidelines may be different - depends on what it's for.

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