[Help]Suggested Website Image Size Display to Dissuade Theft - 1,000 Pixel Width Too Large?


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May 21, 2021
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I've read several posts here and on other sites about taking precautionary steps to dissuade the unauthorized use of images. Yes, I know anything you place on the internet can be stolen so its best to provide something that not very useful for printing and which requires a too much effort to retouch.

I've purchased a custom domain and have customized the CSS of an existing Blogger template so that it appears a regular web site. I've tested the site on mobile devices and computers. I have a unique brand name with logos. The main reason of using Blogger is that there are no storage limits if you allow images to be uploaded via the "high quality" setting verses the the original quality setting.

I've created a series of custom image presents in PhotoMill to provide web versions of my master images. These presets add EXIF data; add a brand watermark logo which incorporates a copyright notice; and reduces each image's physical size. Images are compressed by Google Photos as it does great job at reducing each file's size, although I could also add that as well to the batch processing.

I have tried several automatic watermark removing apps on the logo and none have done a great job at completing the task. Of course someone could retouch the images by hand, but they would still be getting images with limited pixels only suitable for web display or for a tiny quality print.

Currently images are display at width of 1,000 pixels, with various heights, as this completely fills the content area of each webpage (excluding the left and right margins). A photograph of a antique typewritten letter with tiny type; for instance, can be easily read by site visitors at this size.

I am still concerned this may be too large. A 1000 x 1294 image might still provide thieves an incentive to reuse an image.

1000 x 1294 @ 72
13.889” x 17.979 @ 72
Print Size @ 150 = 6.67” x 8.627”
Print Size @ 240 = 4.167” x 5.392”
Print Size @ 300 = 3.333” x 4.313”

I had previously set up a test store on Zazzle and sold multiple images on several products. While there I became aware of other Zazzler users having a problem with mostly Chinese based merchants stealing their images from Zazzle and selling them on print on demand products on Amazon. These Chinese merchants did not have access to the high quality photos within each Zazzle's account but were stealing the product preview images and using those. Those preview images are were large enough to print many smaller sized products. A few Zazzle designers had a little fun with the thieves and added phrases such as "image stolen from..." or a Zazzle logo to their images and even those images were stolen as well.

Any thoughts?
Sadly such is the nature of those sort of people. There used to be a html code that prevented Right click option However I am at least 15 years out of date now. So how relevant this info is I don’t know
Be aware that folks will print images with huge watermarks across them and low resolutions on non photo paper. If you don't want images stolen. then don't put anything on line you don't want stolen. I only had to be burned once putting images on line for sale. Hell, plagiarism in photography is called "inspiration" any way. As a trained writer, I always give credit for any "inspiration." I have had my water mark removed or when I foolishly gave high res to clients, had others take credit for those images mixed with his absolute crap work.

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