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Oct 20, 2010
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I run a forum for parents of medically fragile children and our 12[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary is coming up. I was hoping to hold a Caption contest but I’m in need of a funny photo. Tons of them come up with a Google search but I’m not sure how people would feel about me borrowing their images. :sexywink:

Does anyone have a funny photo that we can use? (I’ll gladly give credit where due) or does anyone know of a site that would provide the type of photo I need? I didn't have much luck when I looked through a few stock sites.

Thanks in Advance,
Would either of these do? I know the second one is probably not appropriate for young children.. but you didn't mention ages!


Are those Bengal cats?
nice pics charlie :) @op what kind of photos are you needing??
I'm leaning towards the animal photos, maybe along the line of the cat and squirrel photo that Sparky posted. But, I'm open for suggestions too!

One of our members is a professional photographer and he's providing a print for the grand prize. We have other prizes to give away as well (T-shirts and such). I want to have a photo contest of some sort but I'm torn on what to use. Holding a caption contest was one of the ideas I was tossing around.
Also browse (or .net, I can't remember) they have a collection of free images to use for web and print with no strings attached. It is a good resource for non-profits and charity events.

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Awesome Gary...thank you! I'll let you know what the committee and moderators decide.

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