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Viewing in the Field


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Feb 10, 2012
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Yakima, WA
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After a couple less than satisfying outings that wasted a lot of time, I'm really desiring the ability to view my photos in the field on something bigger than the camera's display. Anyone got suggestions for what they use in the field?

The most obvious is a laptop, but my laptop is massive and would be a hassle. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab, but how could I use that without having to take the card out of the camera? Could one of those "eye-fi" memory cards work? I have a USB adapter for the tablet, but I doubt I could directly connect the camera to it...
A Marshall (or similar brand) field monitor will work nicely for you... battery powered, compact, and easily calibrated. 7" is a common size, but even the 5" versions are very useful... I use one in studio and it works great for macro work. Also, they have hot shoe mounts which can solve some otherwise painful portability issues.
Thanks for the suggestion! Luckily I just found a wonderful android app called "dslr controller." It's amazing! A field monitor would be more convenient, but the app was only $8 :)
Tell more about this app! How does it connect to your phone? I tried to find it but didn't come up with anything that looks like what you are talking about. Can you see the pics on your phone's screen?
Well, it's an android app, so I'm not sure if it's available for iPhone. If you do have android, it may not be supported on all phones or tablets, so unfortunately I can only say for sure that it's available on the samsung galaxy tab 10.1, and it is called simply "dslr controller."

It connects to the camera through the usb cable. It has lots of features including a live view, review of the pics with histograms and all that fun stuff. It will do hdr and time lapse with many options. Overall it looks great! Can't wait to get out and try it!
I will sometimes tether an Ipad... if I am in a static shoot, and not moving around much.

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