Capture to client delivery; what software are you using?

Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by Fadi, Nov 26, 2006.

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    Like many of you, I'm starting up a small studio in my house. I've been going through the forum here, but finding threads talking about software for studio is hit-or-miss, mostly miss. So I'd like to put this question to those of you: What software are you using? I'm mainly curious in the business aspect of it (invoices, contracts, etc).

    Basicly take me through your workflow from the moment you and your client agree to have pics taken, to the point when you deliver the pics and the client is happy.

    Maybe if the thread is filled with good knowledge, it can be stuck to the top?



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    I use both a PC and MAC inside my home studio.

    PC: Adobe Photoshop CS2, Nikon Capture Control NX and Nikon View. Macromedia / Adobe Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks (for website advertising and making my website)

    MAC: Same as above plus Apple Aperture, iPhoto (to make slideshows) and iDVD (to put slideshow to DVD), Microsoft Works 2004 (to make documents), Adobe Acrobat Pro (convert documents to PDF to send digital copies to clients)

    My workflow for studio work:

    1:) Photo files in RAW format and stored on memory card or using Nikon Capture Control to send photos directly to my hard drive

    My workflow for Weddings:
    1.) Buy lots of memory cards with fast read/write speeds! 2gigs minimum each
    2.) During breaks (ie. Ceremony to wedding party photo location, photo location to reception, etc...) I load the data from my memory cards to my laptop.
    3.) Make a disk backup from laptop to DVD.
    4.) Store DVD in car.
    5.) Take laptop on site
    6.) Format cards and repeat.

    Photo Editing:
    1.) Get files to computer (see above)
    2.) Use Apple Aperture to tweak the RAW files as need be.
    3.) Save updated images to DVD
    4.) Convert versions to JPEG
    5.) Use Photoshop for cropping, effects and touch ups
    6.) Save JPEG versions.

    Hope this helps. Good thread!

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