Car Accident: Store Collision


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Dec 20, 2007
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Newfoundland..Due East
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Shot these a week ago about..? Was out till 2:30 at minus *C temps....brrrr, More later.



Someone drove drunk?
Or had fallen asleep?
Or the brakes had been tampered with?

Any news on this in the papers then?

(We had a similar kind of accident happen somewhere - nowhere close to me - in my country, too. Lady drove straight into a shop. It's not the first time this happened).
This happens all the time in the village where I used to live, people don't make it round a sharp bend, and piledrive straight into the plot on the bend, I think they have lost count over how many times they've had to rebuild the wall ...

Great that the car stayed intact though, so hopefully no-one was hurt.
It was a possible stolen car, with the dealers plate still on it, the ocuppents got and bolted. store is a mess still, it's really sad.
i really like n.1
the open sign really give it something, possibly in a darkly, ironic way.
Nice series of 'photojournalism' shots...showing the damage to the store, the buckled wall of bricks, the bricks still on top of the car, how deep into the store it drove etc etc.
Somehow these photos have always made me think of this most spectacular accident, of which I did not take any photos, though, at all, as it happened totally elsewhere in Germany.

Happy listening to the German Newsspeaker :D

[ame=]YouTube - Auto fliegt ins Kirchendach! (Car flies into Church Roof!)[/ame]

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