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car pics CC plz


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Jul 8, 2010
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any comment will help trying to get better.
gear. NIkon d90 with 11-16 tokina




Ida picked a different location myself, maybe anywhere without port o' pottys in the background. Never taken a car shot so thats the best i can do for ya. Other than your using a tokina 11-16 so why not get up in it for a few pics
Try a different time of day when it is not so bright. Looks like it's noon.
No offense is meant but if showcasing your car is the goal, this failed. It's pretty insignificant in the composition. Move in closer, get a shallower dof. Better time of day. Possibly a polarizing filter if you can get your hands on one. Definitely different location. The "over the line" parking appearance just looks odd, unlike what an "in place" shot would have looked like.
i like taking pictures of cars, i prefer places more industrial but it is nice to get away from the city once in a while. like they said get in close and experiment with angles,DOF, and maybe even long exposures
Also, try Flickr.com to host your photos as opposed to photobucket. Photobucket compresses your photos making them look soft, so it's hard to tell if it's photobucket or your photography doing it.

You do have the exposure between the sky and the car down, which is nice, seeing as how people normally expose the car right and blow out the sky.

Also, watch your backgrounds. When you're shooting a car, it's like shooting a colored mirror. In 1 & 3 you have this nasty reflection of sky & tress on the hod that totally messes with the car.
get within 50ft of the car ;)

harsh light...too much reflection...car gets lost in the bg...and the bg leaves much to be desired.

i would take her to a new spot, and try more.

MLDragons nailed it. if these pics are about the car, they did not succeed.

sweet car though...im sure youll have lots of fun shooting it.
welcome to tpf!
Get you some them Circular Polarizers.
Closer closer closer. With a WA lens the goal is to get closer to your subject. I wish I had known that when I rented the one I had but just remember get as close as possible.
nice car,
a little bit overexposed, wierd location,
looks like snapshots of your car while your taking a piss on the side of the road....oh...there was chemical toilet in the background
hahah thx for the comment.... ya weird location....... lol i didnt notice all the power core and toilet were in the background haha need to find a new spot
Also, if you want to shoot auto photography, learn about lighting. Do this regardless of whether or not you have lights. Learning about how light behaves and how to light a car can be crucial to getting an acceptable photo of a car even if you're using ambient light.

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