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May 18, 2011
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Yokosuka Kanagawa Japan
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Well I tried again after all the C&C I had last time here is the new location and different angles for my CAGE shoot.All these were shot in full Manual mode with my 5D

ISO 50 24mm f/2.8 .8 sec

iso 50 24mm f/2.8 .4 Sec

ISO 50 58mm f/3.5 .3 Sec

ISO 50 24mm f/5 1.3 Sec

ISO 50 38mm f/2.8 1/5 Sec
The exposure and sharpness of these images seem fine, but i just dont find them very interesting.

I feel like 3 and 4 could be good from a slightly different perspective.

A lot i think your just too close to the background. Seeing the ugly weeds in focus kills it for me.
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Thanks Matt I know some people said I needed a better location and for a Subaru so I found a place that would mix both aspects of the forester the construction and a bit of outdoors look. Thats why I went with the location. How should I go about decreasing the weeds next time as I parked 1/2 on the dirt road?
I guess what i was saying is the weeds where kinda blocking the car in one photo. Just didnt work for me. The last on seemed busy a lot of different stuff, the car, building, roof car port, weeds.

I would say shoot the car where its got clear unobstucted view around it for 5-10 feet on all focal angles. I need to feel like the car is no. 1 in the photo.

You can always add aspects of the background just try to make it not distracting
I don't think you should chop off any of the car as in number two. The main thing to work on is framing
stop down your aperture a little to get more of the car in focus, try around f8 or so. if you need more light, try bumping up the ISO a little or shooting in some more light.

if you have a circular polarizer you can adjust it to alter and remove the reflections off things like the windshield.

I agree the location could be better, judging from your info, you're on the eastern side of Japan, I'm not too familiar with your area, but if you're near a good beach or something, that might be an attractive option.

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