Carolina Dawn


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Feb 18, 2004
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Colorado Springs, CO
I was unwinding from long day and this one from my trip last Christmas caught my eye. A little cropping, a little boost in saturation is all I did. I know you can't see parts well but I like the mood.

I like this one A LOT and don't mind the dark righthand bottom corner at all, where - I guess - are the parts that you say we can't see well. I like how there are only a couple of things barely lit by the rising sun, taking up that typical low sun orange hue that things have when the sun is at that angle. And as you are saying: the atmosphere is very special, so serene.
I also like the blue of the early morning sky, also as it is reflected by the water, and the silhouetted trees! Very nice composition!
Mostly the right lower corner. That can depend on your monitor also.

This is Lake Murrray near Columbia, SC. It's pretty enough with all the beautiful homes and lawns down to the water etc that there are tour boats. I was staying with my best friend since high school who has a nice house there. I learned to water ski there and camped out on the shore in boy scouts. Lots of memories. When first married we would spend much of May floating on the lake on air mattresses cooling off. By mid June the water was too warm to cool you off which is why I'm in Colorado now.
Well, I can see something in that corner, it is not all black on my (bright) monitor. Things do get outlined by the sun and take up an orange hue. Very nice.
yea i like this one, very tranquil, nice composition too :thumbup:

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