Carry on gear and airport security?


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Aug 12, 2010
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It's my first trip overseas with my gear and I was wondering if there are certain items I can't carry on with me on the plane. I heard somewhere that your tripod must be checked in. Anything else I should look out for? Batteries? Cleaning it? Thanks! :D
I heard a while ago that you're no longer allowed to carry extra batteries in your carry on bag.
I just went on an international flying coming out of the US carrying spare batteries and had no issues.

I suppose checking with your airline may clear things up.
Last time I flew ( in May ) there wasnt any restrictions on extra batteries, however this was within the states... the length of the tripod might be seen as an "issue", but realistically they shouldnt be compared to what some idiots try to cram in the overhead.. (thanks airlines for charging to check bags).. you should be able to call the airline and get some insight.
My bad. You aren't allowed to have spare lithium batteries in your checked baggage. Carry on is fine. Safe Travel
i fly from the USA to Kuwait every 3 months and i never have a problem getting things on board...they have swabbed my camera and such but none of it takes a long time...the only thing you can't have is any liquids over the limit just like everything else...and if when you fly back to the USA expect you checked bags to be looked through...never been pulled aside to customs but i've gotten their little notes saying they looked
One tip I've picked up is to go to your airports website and not just read but print off a few copies of the luggage limits. You can then carry one copy on your person (in a pocket) for reference at the time and further place a copy clearly into your bags (so that its the first thing they see when/if they open them).

This way you not only know what the specific limits are, but you also have the details there with you; sometimes security can get things wrong and its a pain in a neck for you if they do - so having the details there with you means that you can reference to them without having to cause a fuss.
i've been travelin a lot lately...

i've had no problems what so ever with any of my camera equipment. Caution: if your bringing film makre sure you have it with you carry on not checked or else it would get destroyed.

That's a fallacy I've flew all over the world with film, its been through scanners etc and never had a single exposure ruined. H
Last time i took my gear through and airport they took it to bits and poked it with strange looking sticks. When i questioned their actions they replied "were just checking for explosives" im sure if i walked through with a nuclear warhead they wouldn't of batted an eyelid. But as we all know photographers are a real threat to the world
I think ISO 1000 film can be ruined by scanners, but not slower film. Of course, a clumsy TSA agent can ruin anything.

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