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Kevin D Burns

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May 22, 2006
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i am making a desk top for my friends daughter, she is 9yrs old.
"Desktop" ... is it what is also called "Wallpaper" --- i.e. for the computer?
If so, then I must say I really like your idea here! Plus the way it came out!
Thanks for the comment,
yes, desktop is the "computer just on at idle" (where the icons are)
Wall paper is when the computer is on-line, wall paper is used as a backdrop instead of the white BG normally only AOL offers wall papers. That was many years ago, I don't know if AOL offers wall papers any more.
That is just a technical meaning of how both words got there original meaning, but a lot of people just call the desk top, wall paper and vise verse "now a days".

In the above picture, I can't nail down the folders shadow tho.
water mark? Do you mean my name? I did not embed a watermark into the picture.

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