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Jul 12, 2013
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The deer are taking over my garden and I caught this one red-handed in the act today. I am just starting out ( a newbie) trying to learn to shoot in full manual. These images were taken from inside my kitchen through the glass on the patio door. I would like as many helpful critiques and recommendations as I can get. Wildlife is not necessarily what I am interested in but for now, I am practicing on any subject I can find.


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Dont shoot through glass doors, and raise your shutter speed when animals are moving. That's my 2 cents
Thanks for commenting Matthew :D. Shutter speed. Got it. Normally I wouldn't shoot through the glass, but in this case it was the only option. The deer would leave if I made the slightest move, so opening the do was out of the question.
I would also suggest continues focus on any subject that is likely to move. Like birds for example, that are always moving there head up or down or side to side. Also subjects that may be moving from a windy day like tree branches - leaves etc.
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Agree with the comment about not shooting through glass doors, but I do know what you mean when you say they will bolt if you touch the doors. I have the same problem from time to time when we get deer in our courtyard. My only other comment to add to what has been said is to watch the crop. In the two on the right, you have cropped off front feet - not always a good thing in wildlife photography. I would also keep my windows clean. :mrgreen:

Yeah, after I looked at the image, I was bummed out that I cut off the feet too. Will watch out for that. But, clean the windows, hey... photography is my excuse for NOT doing housework. :er: But seriously, I appreciate the help. I need all I can get to better my skills.
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Thanks. That helps a lot.

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