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Aug 7, 2011
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South Range, WI
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Hey guys! It feels so good to have the laptop back and am able to upload photos again.

Here is a photo of my pooch an aussie cattle dog aka blue heeler....Koda.

IMG_8831 by Rebecca Andresen Photography, on Flickr
1/4000, f 2.8, iso 800

I def understand that I couldve lowered my SS by a considerable amount. Still working on my triangle but getting it more and more...
I do not like how I have it framed I wish it was in landscape orientation. I was playing around with cropping and was cutting his legs off and nothing came out quite right to what I wished for. I kind of like how he's over to the right a bit with a little dead space to the left.... I think it gives the effect of... he's looking out into the distance and that little bit of space makes you think what is he looking at?

As far as the coloring goes I was trying to go for the warmer antqiue (sp) feel if ya get what I'm

Well give it go yal! thanks as always :)
I like the light, the exposure, the post.... but I feel the crop is too tight, particularly on the right.
Yea I totally agree with you on that one! It bugs the heck outta me too! Unfortunately this is the crop sooc. No fixing that part. Lol
Darn dogs not staying still for us! I had a similar experience with my parents' BH.... clipped her foot. It took forever just to get her into this pose and even though she looks totally relaxed, she was sitting there maybe half a second.

Daisy by Tim Herschbach, on Flickr
What a beauty she is! How much does she weigh? She looks thick like koda. the breed tends to be on the tinier side too. Drives me nuts I've kept Koda on a strict diet and throw the ball at least 5-7x a day and he's still a good 65 lbs.

I love that shot. Same with Koda he posed there for a second then booked it to whatever he was looking at. I was literally trying to to take pics of him and my son. Had just taken a pic of my son and turned around and was like oooh! This could be good... Got 2 shots and bam he was gone lol
I likey!!! The lighting looks just beautiful and that snow on her little snout! So cute :) But yes, a teensy tight on the right. So hard though when your trying to catch them 'in action'.
Thats exactly why my shutterspeed was so high lol! I was trying to get some action shots with ball with him... I'm still looking at those nothing amazing so I'm not putting them up lol

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