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CC my get away from wife spot


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Sep 5, 2015
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I love her dearly but some times, a guy just has to go dunk a worm close to home. No post processing. My first nature landscape photos with D3300 DSLR / Sigma 17-50mm. Thank you in advance.

I blew the sky out again... [emoji34]




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Their all pretty crappy, that's why I was looking for input

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#3 because it has a better balance of light and shadow plus the reflection keeps you in it. Unfortunately, I blew the sky out. The water level at base of bridge was my thirds, reflection accentuates the third. The grassy mound boxes the bridge in and the trees behind bridge show depth. The change of red leaves force you to look at the bridge and juxtapose a dead bridge. If to do over again, I would have framed the water level slightly lower, exposing a little more sky, and close the apeture 1 stop.

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Good analysis of your choice.

Just for an example, I'd have chosen the second one because of the dynamic lines of the bridge.
Then sharpen it to bring out the texture, darken bright stuff that attracts my eye and fill in the top corner with vegetation.
All to try and get the viewer to appreciate the bridge as a discrete center of interest.
Not great but OK

Thank you,

How is this...e2a40fd0cecc11ebb42b25ff3fb9db81.jpg

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