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Sep 24, 2010
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Just trying out settings on my camera trying to learn......

SO this doesn't look anywhere near as bright and detailed as the one I have in my photo gallery..anyone know why that happens? The water was bright blue & the tops of the sail boats in the back were brighter as well.....any tips in keeping it bright & detailed when saving would be helpful.....thanks
The picture to me is just a little too "busy" with the posts at the bottom of the picture and the guy on the boat draws my eyes on what I think your intended subject is (the other boats). If you want to get more color try knocking down the exposure or try out the metering? Also if you look at polarized filters they should dull down the bright white and bring out the surrounding colors such as the sky and water.

hope that helps!
and I used an ill way of describing your exposure. I really don't think exposure is the problem in the first place maybe a faster exposure time could dull down those bright whites and bring out that color you were looking for? I think polarized filter would be your best bet, you could also try post processing :)

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