central park, ny


I have seen the writing on the wall
Jul 6, 2005
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dad and i spent the day in new york city friday, and this is a shot from central park...

ah, one of the only places i'v been in america!...... you've got a great shot here scoob, the colours are real nice, found a few good looking trees to place in the fg too, good stuff buddy :thumbup:
Nice one Scoob. I love the lime green colour that the first spring leaves have. Good capture of a spring day in NYC.
Beautiful capture Scoob! I agree, it does look like fall. Well done!
thanks for your comments guys!
great shot scoob, love the comp... :thumbup:
Ah! What a feeling to be knowing the place where you stood to shoot this exactly now :D. I was there, too. When we were in that part of Central Park on Monday, 3 April, the willow trees only just began to show their spring green. I took the picture of one in a slightly different spot... soon as I got them transferred onto my harddrive, I'll show you some. But I doubt mine are as good as yours here...

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