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CF Card?


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Apr 8, 2009
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So I currently have 3 1gb sandisk extreme II and 1 sandisk 4gb ultra 30/mb sec. So I was going to buy another one through amazon (the ultra 4gb for 18.99) but then I found a 4gb sandisk extreme III for $30 but it is only 20mb per second. The only problem that I have had with the ultra 4gb is when shooting at 6fps it hits the buffer real quick like after 8 to 10 shoots. So my question is.... why buy the extreme III if you can get the ultra for $11 dollars less and its a faster card. Granted my camera is never really in extreme weather conditions. Thanks TPF and here are the links to the cards.

As far as I know...the 'Ultra' (no II) is a newer card. Sandisk is dropping the numbers from their cards, so instead of Ultra II and Extreme III or IV, it will just be Ultra & Extreme.

So that's probably why it's faster than the Extreme III.

By the way, the number of shots you take before your buffer is filled...has much more to do with the camera, than the card. A faster card should write the files and drain the buffer faster...but the difference between cards won't make much actual difference when you are shooting.
Thank you both!

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