Corrupted card or non-existed files?


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Jul 28, 2022
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Hi everyone!
I have been in a huge mess for two days and I highly hope that someone can know the solution.
Last week I shoot with a Nikon D750 on a big family event. At the end of the shooting I felt that something is wrong with the camera. It was getting warmer and didn't want to do my commands immediately. I've thought it was because of the weather...that day was so hot.
Now when I've wanted to select and edit the photos I had to face damaged pictures. I've done 180 pictures (raw files) but only 79 can be shown. The computer can't visualize the other ones. There's no exif data in these pixtures and the hex code is one letter F. After all they have a huge size as the normal raw files.
I've used a micro SD with adapter( I couldn't find the other cards so I didn't have backup.)
After I had realized this bad situation, I put back the SD card into the camera to see the pictures in that. All the 'damaged pictures' were only a red X, I couldn't see any of it. I've almost had a heart attack so under this panic pressure I've tried some data recovery programs without avail. ( The programs recovered the files, but they are the same, nothing happened with them. )
I know all my mistakes I've done...but please...can someome tell me a solution for this problem? Some people say that there's no chance to see that photos again because the main problem is that these pictures are unfinished, the camera hasn't made them fully.
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