CF formatting issue w Nikon D200/


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Dec 6, 2007
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I have a brandnew D200, followed instructions (twice) on how to format my brandnew Sandisk Extreme III 4 GB CF, after completing this process meter reads 100 shots available.

This can't be right, can it? The CF card is empty! The menu is set to jpeg(not raw) Shouldn't the reading be closer to 500+ for a 4GB??

Any words of wisdom?

Had recurring issues with what I thought was a LEXAR CF card with my new D200.... also found it got 'glitchy' when shooting rapidly. Actually talked to the seller first wondering if the LEXAR card was a counterfeit.

Then I found similar issues reported elsewhere with the 200.

Wasn't the CF card, it was the D200. Lucky enough to report this early - the seller (ePhotocraft) swapped me out a new one.

If it's new, ask for an exchange.
what quality do you have your camera set too i.e RAW, L jpeg, M jpeg etc etc?
so you swapped your new D200?
Did they mention that this was "not unheard of"?
The SanDisk was purchased from Circuit City - looked complete in a sealed box complete with plastic cover and soft neoprene cover.

Rule out the camera by putting the freshly formatted camera on the computer and checking out the size it reports. This should be an obvious step one. If the camera can't address more than 2gb than this would show up if you kept the card in the camera and connected the camera to your computer as a usb mass storage device.

Also I use a 2gb card. I get 116 shots with RAW and no NEF compression. You should get closer to 240 RAWs, and 900 standard large JPEGs.

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