Charging Nimh batteries


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Jan 2, 2008
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I have a cheapie charger and some 2500 Mah Nimh batteries. The charger doesn't give any indication when the batteries are done charging, it just tells you to take the batteries out after 14 hours or so. Is it bad to charge the batteries for much longer than that? Or does it matter?
If it keeps charging the whole time, it isn't good. I'd suggest a new charger. I've used Maha and LaCrosse and been happy with both. They also have a "refresh" routine that has given new life for old batteries for me.

I've also been very happy with Thomas Distributing as a supplier.
These batteries have a charging "curve" that good chargers monitor. To keep charging after the peak has been reached will do permanent damage to them. And, 14 hours is too long for a partially discharged battery.

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