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    Hi all, I'm brand new to this list, but am not new to photography. Anyways, here's my question. I'm currently doing an internship at a nonprofit orginization here in Cleveland, and we have a Charity Golf Outing with 32 4-somes playing. It is my job to take pictures of each 4-some as they make the bend after the first 9 holes. Anyways, this whole sha-bang is being sponsored by Enterprise Rent-A-Car and I want to be extra sure I get superb looking photos.

    I guess I'm asking for film recomendations more than anything. Most of my work has been B+W up to this point, and I don't know much about color film. I have the technical aspects covered as far as cameras, lighting and the such. I just need a film where the colors pop. I don't want dull looking photos. If anyone could help me out and possibly give some visual examples of different films, that would be great.

    Perhaps someone has done a study/comparison of different film and there maybe is an example on the web somewhere??? Thanks for the help, and is anyone has any other tips to make this a successful experiance for me, are recomadations are greatly appreciated!

    ~Matt Kaiser~


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