Cheap wide converters!


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May 17, 2011
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As I am sure everyone knows, there are out there some stupid-cheap fish-eye adapters out there, like this one. And as you also know they suck. This one especially, being that it has a "second generation" coating on the optics - whatever that means (i'm guessing it's coating using 1970s technology).

However, what I'd need it for I don't need great image quality - or really, any image quality at all. I'm wanting to use it for image-based lighting in 3d composite work where the background will be video footage. All I'd need this for is to take an HDR image of the location to generate lighting data into Blender or Maya. In fact, sometimes it's helpful to blur the crap out of an IBL HDR. So long as I can get roughly where the colors and brightness is, it should work - right? Or is there something about these that just should be avoided entirely, like, will they bloom and flare so badly to wash out the entire frame? How do these things affect aperture?
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Cool, Thanks!

Sharpness is within tolerance, as expected. Do you have any experience with flare on these things?
No, I didn't check for that.

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