Chicago's Windy City Rollers (Female Roller Derby Team) c&c welcome


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Jan 12, 2009
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So... just to give some background, I'm using a horrible zoom lens (f4-5.6) in a dimly lit stadium. All I could get was about 1/200 shutter speed on a lucky shot. Most were overexposed, blurry, and really grainy.

I used noise ninja to clean some of them up... I have a lot more than just these, but I'm tired and don't want to go through them...

Here's the outcome:

Don't mess with Donna D Apocalypse:







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Hi there!

I just found your forum through Google. I'm Ruth Enasia of the Windy City Rollers (pictured above!), and wanted to say 1. Thank you for the beautiful pics! E-mail me or reply here if I could possibly see more, 2. Those who don't know the sport: It's a 5-on-5 full-contact sport played on a flat oval-shaped track. Go to our website for more info!


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HI RUTH! You can see all of the pictures of course. I'd be happy to email you them. I just need your email addy.

My and my girl had so much fun at the game. My good friend has been on the ROCKET QUEENS team in LA for a few years now (she's also friends with "Mo Vengeance" on Manic Attackers, if you know her) and I've been meaning to check it out in Chicago.

I'm glad I did. Send me an email to: s o n n y @ s o n n y d e l i t e . c o m (without the spaces) and I'll send you the pics...

Wow I've never heard of this sport before, is it a relay event?

It's more like a strategic, partial contact race with blockers and jammers (sprinters).
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Good job, I know your anguish with your equipment. I have pretty much the same set-up. This looks like a fun shoot.
what is it about rough, tattoed roller derby chicks that is so HOT.
great shots!

*heads over to windy city rollers homepage*
Some are a little creepy. You gotta look at a F2.8 zoom.
Some are a little creepy. You gotta look at a F2.8 zoom.

I agree on both accounts. I just bought a 135 2.8. We'll see how well that helps next time.

I emailed them the photos and asked a few questions. No response. I sent another email confirming they received the pics. No response.


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