chingu (35mm) 2 images.


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Jul 12, 2008
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south chicago
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shot with tri-x 400 in f2a. negative was scanned, no editing done except crop, and didn't bother to remove film dust to keep the "film" feeling.
C&C welcome.


Technically, I would wonder a bit about the initial exposures and film development. There is a total lack of detail in the blacks of both 'prints'. Of course, this might be an effect of the scanning process.

In terms of subject and composition, the first seems to be 'saying' something about, perhaps, sadness. I'm not sure but that there might have been better angles available to emphasize the meaning.

The second, if it was intended to focus [sorry!] our attention on the right hand, could have been exposed at a still wider aperture to blur the left hand still further. A tighter crop might help, too. A tele running wide open is effective.

[Still shoot a lot of Tri-X(r) myself, both 35mm and 6x6cm.]
In the second, think I'd go for a tighter crop and try to get more of the piano in. And the one hand blurred and the other one sharp is somewhat distracting. You could, like the last poster mentioned, blur the left hand more or even make it sharper.

In the first, I'm wondering if the face were all the way covered if this would add to the sad feel a little more. I like the different lines, even her jeans add to the geometric feel.
thanks for the suggestions. i seldom work with people on my pictures. mostly landscape and any other. anyways.

the developing time is 11 1/5 minutes.

camera setting, i gotta dig into my files to find it.

i cropped the first one closer to the subject, the original was like the stair bar is in the rule of thirds on the right side. i decided to crop it like this to fit more into a framing. idk if it works that well though.

kinda new style i learned. not really new, just haven't tried it before. - vectors, =] pretty cool.
aye more dirty negatives, hit it with some dust off and some nice emulsion cleaner first. I know you said you didn't clean them... but it makes no sense to me why you wouldn't unless you were rushing it. I know you like the look of film... but you can have it without the dust. sorry but IMO it just looking kinda sloppy and rushed.

as far as the pictures go... first one is way to blown out in the highlights for me, maybe you like it but I like to see detail in the highlights.

number 2 would have been sooo much better IMO if you got both hands in focus, I like that your trying the DOF thing tho.

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