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    I've seen many beginners load up on equipment before they educate themselves. Before you go broke buying the latest greats equipment, build your ability to see the photo first. These days there are photo workshops everywhere. It seems like everyone is teaching them now. The prices range all over the map, from free to several thousand dollars. Two very important things to consider. You get what you pay for, especially in education. Second, who do you want shaping your photographic eye. Mediocre, wannabe, burned out and blow hard photographers/instructors can and will only teach you to shoot the way they do. Look at the credentials of the photo instructor. A seasoned, award-winning, well published photographer can advance your learning process by months, if not years! Three of my favorite workshops/instructor is Jay Dickmans "First Light Workshops" Africa | Firstlight Workshop Dave Black, Dave Black Photography - Sports Photography Worldwide and Texas Photo Workshops, Texas Photo Workshops - Kevin Vandivier.


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