Choosing a wide angle lens for d7000


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Sep 22, 2015
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I am interested in choosing a good wide angle lens for my nikon d7000 to use mainly for landscape photography. I also do some underwater photography and a lense they recommend a lot of the tokina 10-17 - I know it becomes a fish eye at 10 I believe, and want to avoid the distortion if possible, at the longer end of the spectrum, does it still fish eye? other suggestions?

I don't know about the 10-17
But if you're going to spend a pretty penny for an waterproof underwater case.
I would check out the cases first as the lens you pick has to fit in the case.

FWIW, I wouldn't buy a $20 waterproof case from a seller called "LuckyBaby". One single leak and it could ruin your camera and lens. Don't skimp on the case.
thanks for the reply - I am very familiar with underwater housings (I have one for an older camera) and would NEVER buy any of those on that page except the ikelite one - they make ports and to fit nearly any lense and the 10-17 is THEE lens for underwater DX cameras. I was more asking about its utility topside since I will likely already buy it for underwater use.

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