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    Ok, I know what I am asking is somewhat subjective but I am hoping to get some help choosing the right film for some outdoor (possibly overcast) shots I am planning.

    I will be using slide film and the condiitons will be mostly shaded with exposures up to 8 seconds but mostly in the 1-2 second range. I will be shooting a lot of foliage and water.

    I have been using Fuji exclusively since starting photography 18 months ago and have almost always been impressed with the results but have only shot 2 rolls of slide film so far... one was Provia 100f (I think) And I dont remember the other one.

    What I am trying to determine now is what would be best based on what I want to do. I went over to the Fujichrome site and am presented with 4 different products and no real way (that I can see) to tell the difference. One is for tungsten light - thats for indoor use and can be excluded right? So that leaves me with Velvia, Astia and Provia.

    I intend to use the slowest film I can find so based on the broad description of what I will be using it for, what would you reccomend?

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    Velvia = warm and saturated
    Astia = natural color and low contrast (for slide film)
    Provia = somewhere between Astia and Velvia, my personal favorite (for slide film)

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