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Nov 22, 2009
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Ste.Anne, Manitoba, Canada
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I recently bought a pair of cheap monolights off eBay and I was anxious to set my "photography studio" back up and give them a whirl. Long story short, a lesson was learned - save for and buy quality next time! Anyway, I had the continous light softbox setup and the wireless flash ready to go so I thought I would tinker a little.

I'm not sure this photograph has any real potential but I find myself to be fond of it. I am my own worst critic (usually) and therefore, I felt compelled to share it with you folks. As always, your C&C is very much appreciated.

I like the background bokeh and the lighting. I also like how the chopper appears to be very still yet the obvious motion blur of the rotors indicate that it was being operated. Furthermore, I like the yellow subject on the green background. I realize that it lacks any REAL interest but techically speaking, does it appear to be a quality photograph?

F.Y.I. I was flying this RC chopper while manning the camera. Thank god for tripods and wireless triggers.

- Daniel

That's what I call multi-tasking, I smell a hint of puter geek. Looks like a shot out of a catalogue...
Its what I would expect to see in a which I mean, it has the kind of look that would be pleasing to someone interested in purchasing a rc chopper...
Yes, Don...I was using one of my continous light softboxes positioned just left of the camera and slightly above the subject. I hade my FL-50R off camera and positioned about 2' in front of the camera on the right side of the camera. Furthermore, the flash was being bounced off a wall (3' to the right) at 45 degrees to get behind the subject to the backdrop. Other than that, I was using the E3's onboard flash (mostly just to trigger the FL-50R).

I know that one usually doesn't use both continous light and strobes together. In this case, only one or the other doesn't work for me. It's what I have for now so I use it. Working my way through a seperation right now and money is tight.

Care to C&C this Don? You know what you're doing and have a good eye for this photography stuff. What have you got to say about this particular shot (from a technical stand point)?

- Daniel
Hay Daniel,

We work with the tools we have.

Technically you're using the softbox/continuous as ambient light and the flash as fill, that's just being creative, he, he...

The exif would be nice :)

I think the shot is quite good, lots of detail. The "shine" is just enough, I like the background, reminds me of hummingbird shots, he, he...

To clarify, a white background is normally preferred so text can be added. I see this shot in a catalogue for RC aircraft.

Not quite sure if I like the full on side view but with this object a three quarters might not show the tail to best advantage.

I do have an issue with the blur of the blades. Personally I'd like to see them either stopped or as close to a full circle as you can get.

That should be a challenge :)

Good stuff, keep at it.

Cheers, Don
Yeah definitely drop the shutter speed so you get a whole ring of the blades. I'd prefer it to still because, as you said, that eliminates the fact that its in the air. If you're skilled with the rudder controls, point the nose down, drop the shutter down enough to get the rings in; these two things combined will give the shot a lot more interest and excitement :D

This sketch is along the lines of what I was thinking.

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