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My Pet Peeves

This forum, like many (if not all) others, is a cross-representation of society - all kinds of people.

There is an "ignore" feature you can use on all of us that fit into one of your categories, except the mods; they can't be ignored. Likewise, removing the app from your iPad might help prevent your aggravation.
Oh yes the mods can be ignored. You just skip past the mods posts without reading them. The original frill free ignore. :allteeth:

In fact after this post I am preparing to ignore them. La la la la la. :biggrinangelA:
CDC: Outbreak of Trolliosis T(R011) in forums poses low risk to people

CDC is working closely with USDA APHIS and the FCC to minimize any human health risk posed by the trolliosis outbreak in The PhotoForum. This includes implementing a protocol to monitor the postings by trolls to forums by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). At this time, no human infections associated with this outbreak have been detected.

CDC considers the risk to the public’s mental health from this Trolliosis T(R011) outbreak in to be low. In the past, there have only been a small number (fewer than 10 in 15 years) of reported human infections with Trolliosis T(R011). Most were associated with exposure and have resulted in mild mental aggravation.

While the risk of human infection is low, CDC is working closely with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). to communicate about the possible impact on people of this outbreak, including steps people can take to reduce possible risk. CDC has longstanding guidance for the public related to previous domestic Troll outbreaks:

avoid Trolls and observe them only from a distance;
avoid contact with Trolls that appear ill or have died;
avoid contact with surfaces that appear to be contaminated with feces from wild or domestic Trolls.
avoid feeding any and all Trolls as this causes them to grow and reproduce.

CDC will provide updates as new information about the Troll outbreak is available.

CDC works 24/7 with public health and animal health officials in the U.S. and around the world to remain alert to reports of Troll outbreaks in Forums because Trolliosis pandemics can result when a new (novel) emergence of Trolls to infect people. CDC and non-CDC Troll experts have developed the Troll Risk Assessment Tool to assess the possible pandemic risk posed by new Troll outbreaks. Results are summarized routinely in a public table. CDC’s International Troll Program works with a wide range of international partners including WHO and national ministries to build capacity to respond to pandemics and to reduce the effects of seasonal Trolliosis.

Aware that new pandemics can arise at any time, CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) have worked over the past decade to increase the capacity for global pandemic response. Trolliosis pandemic preparedness is only attained through the continued development and maintenance of a robust global Troll surveillance and detection network. Tools have been developed and refined to guide planning and response, including evaluating the pandemic risk posed by a new Troll virus, assessing the potential public health impact posed by a new Troll A virus; understanding the possible progression of a pandemic; developing a pre-pandemic candidate vaccine virus, or vaccine; and evaluating the severity and transmissibility of the virus to inform public health interventions.

Oh yes the mods can be ignored. You just skip past the mods posts without reading them. The original frill free ignore. :allteeth:

In fact after this post I am preparing to ignore them. La la la la la. :biggrinangelA:

Sounds a lot like my hatred for weddings and wedding photos. We called them YABP. Yet another bridzilla picture.
Look, clubs are all the same, there are three types of members in my club,

1 People who are very good at taking the same thing over and over, they tend to be the ones who don't want to share information and are often ignorant of different methods/ideas/technical knowledge, if they did know about these things they would be pros.

2 People who are not bad at taking a broad range of shots they tend helpful if not opinionated and want to learn more, I class myself in this group with the addition of being straight taking.

3. Those who are starting out, don't know much but want to learn more.

Unfortunately the people who set up camera clubs are often people in group 1.
When it comes to club contests the people in group 2 and 3 see the quality and type of images from group 1 members and are inculcated into thinking things outside of the norm aren't very good

The only way to change this is to do some self learning and forget about some schnuck who gets a trophy at the end of the year.

When it comes to cameras and equipment yes there are benefits from high end gear but if you/one doesn't know how to use the lower priced stuff then buying more expensive equipment won't help and any advise given suggesting this is worthless unless there is a specific requirement. Buying a Ferrari won't help you if you cant drive.

There is a lot of garbage posted up as answers on here mostly full of technical jargon, I would ignore these.

The most important thing to learn is when and where to point your camera.
There is a lot of garbage posted up as answers on here mostly full of technical jargon, I would ignore these.

If you don't understand an answer then you can:
1) Use what you've been given to google the terms and find out more about the answers you've gotten to better understand them.

2) Ask the person who commented to elaborate on what they mean - many people are happy to go into more detail IF you show a willingness to learn and understand the information presented (as it takes more time to go into more depth many people give a shorter vesion - going into detail only when the person they are speaking to shows that they will respect the time spend going into a more lengthy description).

I would say that telling people to ignore advice because "its all jargon" or "all technical" is a false way to learn; indeed its a silly approach because not only are you advocating to people not to learn; you're also advocating to them to ignore the efforts of others who take their free time to go into detail and comment on their work.
This knowing when and where to point the camera thing...there might be something to that!
If you don't understand an answer then you can:

Ok so I should clarify: Time and again I see jargoniese, not a word, used to answer questions that have been posted in the beginner forum. I find giving someone a simple straight forward answer whilst also possibly incorporating an actual experience Ive had to be much more beneficial to the recipient then baffling them with technical information.

Unless they specifically ask for it of course
Thing is Jargoniese can be translated via google quite easily these days. And most of the time its not that intense jargon - we really don't use much. And it still doesn't stop the person asking for clarification on the terminology . (heck don't we also have a jargon sticky?
To add to that, the wheel was invented long ago. Often the reply can either lead the OP to the wheel or the reply can reinvent the wheel. Personally I see no reason to reinvent the wheel, just answer questions about the various differences between wheels.
You're right. But it has been my experience that you can turn people right off by using a language that they feel, Im speaking about beginners here in this instance, is beyond them, my point was referring I feel to the source OPs frustrations both in and outside this site.

Granted Im complicating my statements. :bek181:

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