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Jul 14, 2005
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The only type of laundry I like :mrgreen:

Here's your 'Davin' update Nicole :D

Great curious expression, done well with the tones too :thumbup:
Your little Davin's eyes will never cease to amaze me.
Will I get the chance to look him into the eyes in two weeks from now (ok, two weeks and two days)??? Will you make it to the meet-up? It would be so great!!!!
No answer to my question then?
LaFoto said:
No answer to my question then?
ooops...sorry :blushing:
Unfortunately, Corinna, we're not going to make it. As much as we hoped to meet everyone, we have decided that it just isn't cost efficient for us this year :(
Sicily suggested that I go alone to save money, but it just wouldn't be the same. If I can't afford to take the whole family, then I will wait until there is another opportunity. Although there will probably never be a meetup this grand, there will be others ;)
Oh, what a GREAT shot! "Kilroy was here" pose, and those big eyes. How tough it must be to leave that little cutie to go to work.
OMG he's an angel!!!!

He must be reeeeaaaallllly working on some teeth!

What a doll!!!

Nice shot ... thanks for thinking of me!!! :hugs:

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