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Sep 1, 2015
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State College.
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The name is Chris, I'm a 16 year old, second year design student. (Just starting year two, but hey.)

I currently own three Cameras, but have two others on loan to me.

My Personal three are as follows: Mamiya RB67 Pro S with a 90mm 3.8 C lens, A Minolta X7A with an assortment of Minolta and off brand lenses, teleconverts, and an NX1100 with the OE 18-55 for my brother and parents to use, with an adapter to run the Minolta lens with.

The Camera's i've got on loan from my ever so lovely teacher are a Leica IIIF with a 35mm Rodenstock, and the other is a Mamiya Super 23 with 50mm and a 100mm 2.8

I'm looking forward to learning from here how to develop my own film, as the class I'm enrolled in has a dark room, but no supplies. I'm allowed to supply my own, with access to the darkroom as long as I tell her i'm going to be there.

Here's my flickr, I'd love some CC. I'm currently looking into Caffenol and R3 Monobaths to really get into dev'ing my own film. ChrisJames0024

I ended up chaging my name to C Shultz photography for now, in light of recent events with police brutality.

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