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Hello from Michigan


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Dec 5, 2014
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Hello everyone, i'm Ben. I've always been interested in photography, owned a good few antique cameras since I was in my early teens but never tried them out with film. I started in photgraphy with film about 2 years ago, But I am far from proficient, I have taken about a dozen rolls of film, Kodak Max400, Ultramax800, Fuji Superia 200 and 400, and Ilford xp2 BW. My first rolls were some that came with the Olympus from a yard sale, they expired in 2007 but the shots came out great barring the horrible effect on sky. Anyone here familiar with or currently use either of the SLR's I mention here?

He's my gear.

Velbon video/35mm Tripod Approx 70in
Albinar 9900 with Fluid head Approx 60in
Tamrac 517 Telephoto Camera bag
Sun Valley Camera bag
Minolta 4000AF flash

Olympus OM77AF (OM707) with
AF 50mm 1.8 prime
AF 35-70mm f:3.5
AF 35-105mm f:3.5
Sigma AF 75-200mm f:3.8

Minolta Maxxum 7000 (x2) and Minolta Maxxum QTsi
AF 50mm f:1.7 prime
AF 35-70mm f:1.4
AF 35-80mm f:1.4
AF 80-200mm f:1.45 Zoom xi
AF 75-300mm f:4.5
Sigma AF 75-300mm f:4.5
Bushnell MD 90-230mm f:4.5 with MD to MA mount adapter

49mm Filter mount Bower Ultra Wide Macro
49mm Filter mount Home Made (DIY) Macros CloseUp lens
Hello fellow Michigander! Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome aboard Ben...
Welcome to the site.
welcome to TPF ..
SE Michigan/Detroit area here

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