Christmas gift from my loving wife


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Dec 14, 2010
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She bought me the Cotton Carrier Skout shoulder sling quick release system to carry my camera when we go on nature hikes.
I only take one prime lens and body on hikes so this will keep my camera from bouncing around w/ just the camera strap. I much appreciate this thoughtful gift.

Camera Sling

There's a cool promo video on their site showing it in operation too.
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Very cool. Heard nothing but good things about them. Enjoy.
Very cool gift and nice of your wife to get it for you.
Please don’t say you got her an iron or vacuum
Please don’t say you got her an iron or vacuum
What's wrong with a vacuum? A few years ago my wife wanted a Miele canister vacuum for Xmas (which she got) and this year she wanted the miele triflex vacuum that just same out (which she got)

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We went for a nice walk on Christmas day. I carried my Nikon D750 w/ 24mm 1.8G lens on the Cotton Carrier sling. It made walking and shooting so much more enjoyable and effortless. This sling system is going to be fantastic for hiking while having the camera handy at any moment :)
I've got an Opteka chest carrier that I got on sale at Amazon and it sure makes a difference.
Far less strain than using a regular camera strap and it sure keeps the camera from bouncing around.
I almost never remove my 55-200 lens from my X-T3 and using the chest carrier keeps that lens safe.
You're going to never want to be without your chest sling, even for walking around the neighborhood with the camera.

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