Chroma Keying troubles.


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Oct 7, 2008
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I was playing around in my home made (something you wouldn't call a) studio which was basically my camera, flash off camera and a bedsheet as the back drop...yes I was bored. I decided to play around with chroma key in PS but cant get the white boarder around from the subject (which in this case is me) any tips? I tried "Remove White Matte". Here is an example on a dark background.

yes, but when I look closely some parts of the edged came out weird and if I were to put a different background it would be clearly visible.
For composite work it's much easier to shoot against black than against white (or a strange color that is easy select and eliminate like bright green or blue-- 'green screen'). That said, the way to fix this is to go in and erase all the white pixels that make up the halo.
But was it a chroma-key background (ie super-saturated, nearly fluorescent blue)? I think another part of the problem is that your white rim would be a lot less visible in a detailed background for which you would normally use chroma-key technique.
this is a long video, but she explains everything very well (maybe a little to well) [ame=""]YouTube - Photoshop Mama's #1 Green Screen Mask [/ame]

in the info of that video, she has links to other videos.. .video #2 is the spill removal video, but if your getting into green screen (blue screen) stuff, it would be worth watching all the videos, as i said, she explains it all very well
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If you can select your subject simply use the "Refine Edge" tool to feather the selection. Not sure if this helps at all during the chroma keying process, but definitely helps when using normal selections.

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