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Feb 16, 2009
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Hello All,
I am wondering how can I hook my camera up to my PC monitor so that when I take a photo it will show up on the PC screen. Thanks for any help.
Welcome to TPF! :)

A little more info will help. What kind of camera equipment do you have? Are you asking to just view your shots? ... or look at them live as you take them?
Yes, I'm actually looking to see them live, and as for equipment and software, I would like to know what is needed, I have the camera, and PC. Is it just a matter of a V-out cable and some software? Thanks.
The proper term is having your camera tethered to a computer. If you do some google searches, including your camera make and model, you should find all the info you need.

Essentially, you need
a) camera
b) firewire or wireless connection to the PC (might be do-able in USB, but slow... I'm not certain)
c) appropriate software for your camera make and model. I read that Lightroom would probably work.

You then have to have the right setups in your software to have the images displayed. I believe it has to do with your watched folder. As in, when your camera will take a picture, the picture will be deposited in a "watched folder" on your computer. You set your software to automatically display any image that appears in this watched folder.

I have never done it, but I assume its something like this

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